27 June 2017

Getting Your Listing Photos Right To Rent Out Your House Fast

It is without a doubt that listing houses with attractive pictures attract more interest from renters. Most people, however, do not know how to take the right pictures that will make the houses rent out faster. A big first impression is crucial as the aesthetical attributes of the home. Showing great pictures maybe your best and only opportunity to present your house for rent in KL especially when the competition is stiff. Today, most homebuyers and renters begin their search online, and without good pictures, your listing will be passed by very fast. Let’s dive into what and how can we ensure you can ensure your house to be rented with just a snap of a finger.  

Getting Your Listing Photos Right To Rent Out Your House Fast
Getting Your Listing Photos Right To Rent Out Your House Fast 

Quality equipment

The most common mistake people do is to take pictures with low-resolution lenses like phone cameras lower than 10 megapixels. Consider investing in a good camera and follow the fundamental photography tips to get quality shots. Using a tripod will ensure your pictures are not blurred due to movements when taking shots though it is not necessary.

When shopping for a new camera, consider a full frame camera with a wide angle instead of just focusing on the megapixels. The larger the sensor, the better your image quality and performance in low light conditions. With a wider field of view, you will be able to capture more of the room. It captures the full space essence to give both depth and details in each shot.

Be clutter-free

Just take pictures of what matters to the prospective renter. People want to see details of the home, not your clutter around the house for rent. When shopping for a new home, the person wants to envision his things in the house and not those of the prospective landlord. Capture brightly colored items like artwork and flowers to create some visual excitement on a neutral background.
Clear off tables and counters, and floors before you begin the photo shoot. This can turn your ordinary house into a stunning rental gem. Even the tiny details like an improperly set picture frame can cause distractions in your listing picture. Ensure no vacuum cleaner or power cords are lying about.

Prepare the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen by cleaning everything and putting them in their place, keep the toilet lid down, and bathroom walls dry before the photography session begins. Instead, have some welcoming touches like a stack of books, a vase full of brightly colored flowers, or a set of quality candles. These will make the home appear lived-in and welcoming. This useful guide brings us some insightful tips to a clutter-free home.

The brighter the light, the better

It is no secret that the best pictures are those taken in natural sunlight. Take your pictures on a sunny day and open the curtains so as to allow more natural light into the house. Pictures taken on a dark or cloudy day appear dull and unattractive for listing. Always keep in mind natural light and space as you create your pictures since these are the two most important qualities of good pictures. If you can, take the pictures at dusk to create a dramatic outcome that can make your house for rent stand out from the crowd. You may not know this but using tripods allow for slower shutter speeds hence benefiting from natural light and keeping your images sharp.

Avoid turning towards the light

Shooting at windows with too much light result in total image blowout, this spoils your chance to show off the new windows. This is common with overexposed windows with the dark foreground. Using a flash will help balance out this to give you better images. With the right camera, you can use the manual settings to set the right shooting conditions, but this depends on your equipment. With most of the point-and-shoot cameras, all you need to do is adjust the ISO. Near a window, a setting of 400 to 800 will work well for you. And if your camera is manual, you can also increase the shutter speed, therefore, allowing less light into the camera’s light sensor.

Hire a professional

You don’t have to struggle with all the DIYs of photography if you are not into it. Just spend a little extra and get the best pictures from a professional photographer. Since other agents are using the professionals, don’t be left behind. Spending a few extra dollars to take pictures of high dollar properties won’t hurt you; instead, this will boost your renting rates. Hiring a professional photographer is the way to market your house for rent effectively. Do you know that houses that hire professional photographer usually get a better price both in selling price and rental price?

Know the proper angles to take photos

The angles at which you take pictures of specific features of the house matters a lot. It determines the depth and the quality that the audience sees. If you are new to this, then ensure you take as many shots as possible then select the best ones that express the features you want the viewer to appreciate.

Tone mapping

Photographing interiors in the light of day can be challenging especially the part of balancing of dark shadows, artificial light,  finds it hard making sense of the variations. Using high dynamic range (HDR) to handle such a situation takes the stress out of the situation. With such software, several rapidly taken shots can be combined into one containing all the details that the human eye can usually perceive if the tenant was standing in the room.

Final tips

To get the best shots for listing your house for rent, prepare to spend many hours at it till you get the best lighting, angle, and quality. Shooting outside and each room will take you at least two hours so don’t be in a hurry to finish. And while at it, emphasize the best features each room has to offer and market them with great shots and your house will rent out faster than you think. This may be the natural light, its spaciousness or the floor material. Lastly, avoid taking portrait photos; always go with the landscape orientation to capture more details of the home. The horizontal view is more pleasing to the human eye than the vertical option.

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