18 April 2019

DIY Home Decorating Ideas With A Budget

DIY Home Decorating Ideas With A Budget
DIY Home Decorating Ideas With A Budget

There are many properties for sale, such as properties in Setia Alam. Renovating your own house can be a really exiting journey. With so many designs out there for you to choose from, it can be a bit confusing as to which design you should go for. Not forgetting that home renovation can be expensive. However, more people are going into the minimalistic home design. With minimal design, you can definitely save some money on renovation or decoration. This article will guide you through some tips to create a minimalist house with a budget.

Colorful artwork
Consider making a colorful artwork as a centerpiece in your house. Something simple and beautiful is enough to enhance the space. If you have a collection of textured art, showcase them against the bright white walls. If not, you can always consider hanging some inspirational quotes in your living room. Reading inspirational quotes will motivate you to stop procrastinating and start being a better person. 

Do bear in mind that moderation is key. Just one or two pieces of nice artwork is sufficient. Hanging too many artwork will only make the space look cramped and cluttered. Leave at least one wall bare if possible.

You can choose a simple and beautiful wall hung light fitting to enhance the interior of the house. You can also choose to install new windows to allow some sunlight through your home to brighten up the space. In addition, you get to save on your electricity bills as well by installing new windows, as you do not have to keep the lights turned on even during the day. Make sure your windows are clean both inside and outside to allow maximum sunight to penetrate through the window into your house. The lesser dirt and dust you have on your windows, the more sunshine can go into your room.

Choosing the right paint and right color makes a huge difference. Using the right paint can instantaneously revive and brighten your initially dull looking unit. Hence, choose a color that will brighten up your unit or a color that adds a touch of liveliness for your unit. White color reflects cleanliness and openness. Paint your house white to create a cloud like effect that enhances your house design. In addition, neutral colors give an illusion of a bigger and more organized space. Not only it is comfortable to the eyes, it also makes your space looks bigger than it already is. Minimalists will definitely like the idea of keeping the house white. 

Make sure to use only good quality paint as well to protect your home and will certainly last you a few years. 

Decorate with texture
Decorating with texture makes a space interesting and alive. A simple lace curtain is all you need to add a minimalist vibe to your home. A lace curtain will add softness to your living room as well. Forget about bold colors that may be too harsh for the minimalistic theme. You can also consider adding sculptural elements to your living room to add depth to it.

Clear the clutter
Keep the pathway at your house clear from clutters. Declutter the pathway if you already live in a small space. Not only it helps in keeping your house neat and tidy, it also create a sense of openness in your home that makes your house looks more spacious. Avoid putting too many furniture at the hallway or pathway. This will also prevent you from bumping into those furniture. Arrange the furniture in a way that ut creates sufficient walking space. A clear pathway also helps to keep your house clean and tidy.

Discard all magazines or newspapers that are more than 2 months old. Display only one to three magazines on the coffee table and keep the rest in the bookshelf. Hide all the wires from the entertainment center. You can tidy up the cables or wires by using cable ties. 

Minimal furniture
Consider the essentials. You may consider adding a hand carved table as a coffee table in the living room. Ask yourself if you need that piece of furniture before you buy it. Choose simple furniture for its functionality and remove any unnecessary furniture to enhance the space. You might want to consider giving away things that you do not use. Think of which furniture could be eliminated without sacrificing your comfort. Consider your true needs and only keep those that you absolutely need. Most important, always focus on the quality over quantity. A nice coffee table is always better than having 5 pieces of unused furniture.

In conclusion, creating a minimalist house is not too difficult. A minimalist home interior will allow you to find more peace in life. A clean and neat home will also lead to happiness and productivity. Therefore, clear the clutters and keep your house clean and tidy at all times.

p/s: Think DIY, think budget and low cost.... :)

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